Monday, October 13, 2008

Slaying The kalphite Queen

By: Mooman45678, Dimak 1, and zOnE_AnT

Edited By: Tweedy, anarki, Taz, Lord Thief, and King Zonk

Coded By: Fluffzter, King Zonk, and Whydidijoin

Special Thanks To: Damen, Pkingyou, DarkJes7er, the83dwarior, and ZinyX

The Kalphite Queen, with a combat level of 333 and a colossal 985 Hitpoints, is one of the most powerful monsters in all of RuneScape. She has two forms, a bug (first form) and a red wasp (second form). Both forms can inflict a high level of damage of up to 31 Hitpoints. The Kalphite Queen is not only powerful but also well protected by Kalphite Workers (level 28) and Kalphite Guardians (level 141).

The Kalphite Queen�s Lair

To reach the Kalphite Queen�s Lair you will first need to enter the Shantay Desert, via the Shantay Pass south of Al-Kharid. To enter the Shantay Desert you will need to obtain a Shantay Pass, which can be purchased for five Gold Pieces from Shantay at the entrance to the Pass. After entering the desert head southwest until you reach a Smokey Well; use a coil of Rope on the Well to enter the subterranean Lair.

Below is a map of the Kalphite Queen Lair�s location (follow the magenta path to reach the Lair from the Shantay Pass):

Once you have ventured inside the Lair itself you will need to follow a weaving passageway. It is relatively easy to traverse providing that you remain on the main path and avoid any detours. If you follow the main path then you will eventually arrive at a second Well. Here you will need to use a second coil of Rope on the Well to go deeper down into the dungeon. I would also recommend drinking any Super Potions you have brought with you at this point.

The Kalphite Queen

Upon climbing down the Well you will find yourself in a cavernous lair with the Kalphite Queen and her numerous protectors. By now you should have drunk your Super Strength/Attack/Defence Potions. As was mentioned previously the Kalphite Queen has two forms, and as each form is very potent it is recommended that you keep your Hitpoints above 50 at all times.

First Form:

The first form is a bug and utilises Protect from Missiles and Protect from Magic simultaneously, thus the most efficient way to slay this form is to attack her with Melee. I would recommend commencing the attack with a Special Attack from the Dragon weapon that you brought with you and then switching back to Verac the Defiled�s Flail. A good trick to employ when you are part of a team is to spread out around the Kalphite Queen. This is a good idea as the Kalphite Queen�s attacks hits all nearby players, so spreading out means the one attack will damage less people. The result is that everyone is hit for less damage and the Kalphite Queen must be continuously turning to attack each member of the team.

Second Form:

After the Queen�s first form is slain, she immediately transforms into an airborne red wasp. She now uses Protect from Melee, which means that the optimum attacking style is now Ranged, preferably with a Magic Shortbow and some Runite Arrows. Along with the initial trick of spreading out around the Queen, using the level 28 Kalphite Workers to cover your team, and therefore prevent the Queen from using Melee attacks on you, is an aid in your valiant efforts to conquer her.

Once the second form has been slain the loot will appear for the person who inflicted the most damage upon the Kalphite Queen. If you have enough supplies to defeat the Kalphite Queen a second time, repeat the same process again. However, if you don�t have sufficient supplies then you will need to return to the surface. Using the Magic spell Teleport to Camelot is the fastest exit route, with the added bonus that you can recharge your Prayer points at the altar inside Camelot Castle. After restocking if you wish you can return to Al-Kharid and hence pay another visit to the Kalphite Queen�s Lair.


Below is a recommended Inventory for slaying the Kalphite Queen:

Sharks are strongly recommended, however Swordfish and Lobsters are possible alternatives. Similarly an Anti-Poison Potion is a must, and Super Strength, Super Defence and Super Attack Potions are strongly recommended; but the normal potions are better than no potions.

You can substitute a Dragon Mace or a Dragon Halberd with the Dragon Dagger (p). I suggest bringing either a Dragon Dagger (p) or a Dragon Mace as I found that the Dragon Halberd wasn�t particularly effective.

You must bring two coils of Rope if you are going to attempt to kill the Kalphite Queen alone. However, I would not suggest trying to kill it solo as she attacks quickly and powerfully. You will only need to bring one coil of Rope if you are part of a team; however you must make sure that someone else in the team will bring a coil of Rope.

Along with the items in your Inventory, you should be wearing this equipment:

You can interchange any gloves and boots with the gloves and boots shown above. You can also bring any cape, however I would strongly recommend not bringing a Fire Cape as there is a chance that you will die and lose it. If you are fearful of losing your items, substituting a Ring of Life for the Ring of Wealth is a good alternative.

If you don�t have Verac the Defiled�s Barrows set then I would suggest going with a team of at least five people. Your inventory should also look something like this:

This inventory is set up for a Ranged fighter. If you wish to use Magic, replace the Ranged Potion with a Magic Potion, remove the Magic Shortbow, replace the Black Dragonhide Armour with Ahrim the Blighted�s Barrow set and add enough Magic Runes for around 50 casts. Ancient Magicks are very effective on the Kalphite Queen�s second form, so bring those if you have them.

Note: I don't suggest using any Magic Robes other than Ahrim�s, as the Queen can hit very high.

This is what you should wear if you are going to use Ranged and Melee:

If you plan on using Magic, replace the Runite armour with the Barrows set of Ahrim the Blighted. If you don't have Ahrim�s then it is best that you mage in Runite armour.

Here is the Inventory for a Magic fighter: